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A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: A Review

There’s a reason that we’re all drawn to a good book or movie…we’re captivated by the story.

We get swept away amidst the twists and turns of the plot; wondering if the main character will come out victorious, all along knowing that it will likely resolve happily after 2 hours or 250 pages. We walk away envisioning our own life following a similar suit…full of adventure, excitement, maybe even romance. But then somewhere along the road between disappointment and heartache, we often find ourselves trapped in a life of mediocrity.

And that’s precisely where Donald Miller found himself at the beginning of this book…

But through the process of “editing” his own life while adapting his bestselling memoir into a screenplay, Miller’s eyes are opened to the idea that we have the capability to create a better story for ourselves simply by choosing to engage in a life that's both meaningful and memorable.

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years paints the picture of a bland story gone bold. The way Miller walks you through the editing process of his life and his quest to make his ‘story’ one worth reading had me doing just that: wanting to keep reading to see what happens next. This book is full of clever humor and insight that could inspire anyone to want to go out and create a better story for themselves…one that’s a real page turner.

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