Jamie's Top 10 Lists

Jamie's Travels

Lately i've had the insatiable appetite to want to travel...a lot. There are SO many places that I have yet to go. If it wasn't for such a tight budget, I would have hit a lot of the spots already. Here's my top 10 list of places I want to see at some point in my life:

10. Colorado...I want to see what it's like to try 'real' skiing.
9. Washington D.C.....sadly I have yet to tour our nation's capital.
8. Paris...the land of the Eiffel Tower and the french-kiss...my kinda place ;)
7. Hawaii...I want to learn to do the hula!
6. China...I'd love to see that many people crammed into one city - but i'd have to pack my own food - I don't eat chinese food. :)
5. Australia...let's put another shrimp on the barrrrrrby. haha
4. Tahiti...four words: over-the-water bungalos. Ahhh.
3. Ireland...i've heard it's one of the most beautiful places to revel in God's creation.
2. England...I want to see where my family came from, and visit the cousins i've never met.

and the number one spot I want to vitst.....

1. Florence - pasta and the city of romance...what more could a girl want?

Ok your turn...where is the one place you want to visit that you have yet to see?


Christmas Top 10

I can't believe that Christmas is already almost here! The fun and the festivities have flown by in a flash...it's been so exhausting, but I love it! In Letterman fashion, I thought I would list my top 10 reasons I enjoyed the holiday season this year:

10. It IS possible to start listening to Christmas music after Halloween and not get sick of it.
9. Getting up at 3am to go shopping with my sisters and cousin the day after Thanksgiving is the MOST fun a girl can have while running on no sleep and caffeine.
8. Elf is just as funny the 7th time watching it in one month as the first time.
7. One can never eat too many Christmas cookies.
6. Picking out a real tree in the freezing cold with friends is always fun. (even if I do cut off tooooo much rope, Leah. haha)
5. It is actually possible to attend 14 Christmas parties in one month and still go to work occasionally. ;)
4. Classic Christmas movie night every Sunday = fun childhood reminiscing. (PS...you'll shoot your eye out!)
3. Staying up all hours of the night with my high school girls and eating cake an waffles for breakfast. Enough said.
2. Spending priceless time with family and friends always warms my heart.
1. Remembering the REAL reason we celebrate the season in the first place.

Merry Christmas friends!

Memorial Day Mischief

Ahh...there's nothing quite like 4 days of friends, fun and sunburn all around!

As you know from previous blog posts, I LOVE a good road trip - and this weekend certainly qualified in my top 5. Our trip got off to a little bit of a slow start, taking us almost 2 hours to get out of Atlanta...gotta love that holiday traffic! I guess everyone and their brother (and their brother's brother for that matter) had the same idea as us...get outta town! But have no fear, we had plenty of iPods to keep us entertained while we sat in the parking lot we affectionately refer to as GA 400. About 7 hours and 200 girlie song selections later, we finally pulled into Destin. Poor Mark, he never had a chance to play iPod DJ with 3 females overruling him in the car. Needless to say, this is what he looked like after listening to our "chick music" for what must have felt like an eternity...

And wouldn't you know it, we got in trouble TWICE in the first hour that we were there! First, Kristin, Leah and a few of the other girls decided they wanted to go for a night swim...even though the pool was closed, and the gates were locked. They scaled the fence and hopped on in. Little did they know that there were security cameras all around the property, and before their fingers and toes could even begin to prune, a security guard came running out threatening to call the police! The girls shimmied back over that fence quicker than you could say trouble. Then just as all 16 of us decided to chill out, chat and enjoy the view on the guys' balcony, we get a knock at the door from security that we are being too loud and we have to move the party inside. Oops!

The majority of our days were spent lounging in the beautiful sand or at the pool, with a few volleyball games and a guys' golf outing thrown in the mix. Lesson learned: don't lather up in SPF 30, float around in the pool for 4 hours, THEN look to see if your sunscreen is waterproof (which it wasn't). Needless to say, aloe became our good friend. We filled the evenings with fun dinners out, and of course what trip would be complete without a little dancing thrown into the mix? Saturday night was dinner at Red Bar, and Sunday after dinner at Back Porch we hit up Baytown for some fun booty shakin', rolling back into the condo at about 3am. By the time we headed for home on Monday, we were burnt and tired, but it was well worth it. Fun times had by all!

And now, in true Letterman fashion, I will present to you the Top 10 Reasons I loved this weekend:

10. You CAN freeze to death at the beach in May...condo thermostats are posessed.
9. Surprise mystery guests are fun!
8. Ten girls in two bathrooms can get ready faster than 8 lazy boys.
7. Betsy can sweet talk her way to getting just about anything she wants (just ask the bouncer at Baytown!)
6. Go Kart races are fun, but you'll always catch Will "ridin' dirty"
5. 80's Mixes on iPods are the best for road trips!
4. Flipping Leah backwards off a deflating air mattress can never get old
3. New friends, new memories and endless laughs always make me smile
2. Food made with looove always tastes better (but not better than food fed via the airplane method)

And the number one reason I loved this trip...

1. You're never too old for a good 'ole fight-till-you-draw-blood game of spoons!

If this weekend was a preview for how the Labor Day Retreat will be this year, then I can't wait for September! :o)